Guideline and Awards

Lecture / Presentation Guidelines

1. Lecture material

1) Format : MS-PowerPoint
2) Screen ratio : 16:9
3) PPT template : download via the button below (optional to use)
4) Official language : English
5) Fonts : We recommend using the basic fonts provided by MS office.
If you want to use other ones, please upload them with your lecture file at the preview room.

2. How to upload

1) Please visit the preview room at least 2 hours prior to your session time.
2) To submit your lecture file, save it in your USB memory stick and bring it to the preview room after reviewing there aren’t any errors.

* Preview room

- Location : Room 202, Coex
- Operation hours : April 12th 07:30-18:00 / April 13th-14th 07:00-18:00 / April 15th 07:30-12:00

3. During the seminar

1) Please be at the first row, the speakers’ reserved seat, at the session room before your presentation.
2) Please comply with your designated speaker time. A pop up notification will appear 1 minute before your allotted speaker time.
3) at the Podium
- The submitted file will automatically appear in your turn. To start your lecture, please click the first slide.
- There are 2 monitors on the podium desk. One shows your lecture slides and the other shows the slide notes(speaker notes) in your lecture file(PPT).
If you want to practice in advance, please do so at the preview room.
(You may prepare the slide notes according to your preference. The use of dual monitors is not a must.)

4. After the seminar

APSCVIR 2023 is planning to provide the participants with the recorded sessions after the conference.
If you don’t agree, please inform the preview room staff in advance.